Gas Lift - Extremely Short (-5,0 cm)

Gas Lift - Extremely Short (-5,0 cm)

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Extremely short gas lift for the noblechairs EPIC/ICON series, practical accessory for easy replacement, very short (-5,0 cm)

The exclusive chairs of noblechairs are in a class of their own, successfully blending high-end design with premium quality materials and exceptionally precise craftsmanship. This is due in no small part to the successful use of an all-machine build process, ensuring that every chair upholds the same modern industry standards and uniform quality.

The EPIC Series of noblechairs employs a hydraulic gas lift that is designed for users approximately 1.8m in height. With the lift offering between 5- and 6cm of adjustability, this helps make the chair an ideal choice for taller users. For users under 1.8m however, there is also a shorter gas lift available, this helps to keep users' feet in contact with the floor for optimum ergonomics.

This version of the gas lift, which is some 5cm shorter than the original, is perfect for smaller users that wish to maximise the comfort of their gaming throne from noblechairs. Despite the shorter length of the lift, this version nonetheless not only meets but also exceeds the standards necessary to receive Safety Class 4 certification in line with DIN EN 16955 specifications. The end result is a change to the overall height of the seat by up to 6cm. We recommend the removal of the gas lift's plastic cover when set to the lowest position so as to avoid unwanted wear of the plastic protective cap.

Note: After this shorter gas lift has been installed, the original plastic covers can no longer be removed.

  • Number of items: 1
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: noblechairs EPIC-, HERO- & ICON Serie
  • Certifications: TÜV-certified gas lift, Safety Class 4 in accordance with DIN EN 16955

Good for smaller people

by Alwin star star star star star

I own a noblechairs Icon chair and I love it but the standard gas spring is too heigh for leaning back comfortably (I am 1.78m). My feet dont touch the ground when leaning back and there s too much pressure at the underside of my upper legs.I emailed to noblechairs and they recommended me the -5cm one. This should also be alot better for my wife (1.52m). Great to be able to adjust the height but too bad we have to pay for it separately.

Wasserpumpenzange, Hammer, Holzstück

by Tom Schneider star star star star star

Hab den Icon und er ist jetzt auch von der Höhe perfekt - ich merke ansonsten keinen Unterschied zur Originalfeder - ABER ihr braucht diese Sachen: Wasserpumpenzange, Hammer, Holzstück - ohne keine Chance! Der Stuhl ist sehr hart, was sich bei mir nach ein paar Wochen eher als positiv herausgestellt hat. Wer sich Ärger ersparen will, sollte sofort eine kürzere Feder mitbestellen.

Nun ist der Stuhl perfekt!!

by Florian star star star star star

Hallo, habe mir die 5cm kürzere Feder gekauft (bin 177cm). Jetzt ist der Stuhl perfekt. Ausbau war jetzt auch nicht so schwer, schaut euch hierfür auf YT Videos an. Was ihr dann auch noch machen könnt ist die Plastik-Abdeckungen zu kürzen. Hab die Erfahrung gemacht das 4cm kürzer optimal bei der Feder sind.

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